woensdag 23 maart 2011

Just a letter to some of you.


Dear guys,

Now that we've all started to talk about love and dreams on our blogs and websites again, now that spring is in the air, I must warn you for making more mistakes.
Women like me, and there still are a lot of us, which have gone through a hard life and a lot of disappointments, have become a difficult prey for you lot. Why?

Well, we are self-supporting, that's for one, we do everything a woman can do and everything a man is supposed to do. So we work, we do the odd jobs in and around the house, we write poetry ánd erotic short stories. We conceived, carried and had children, we raised them to be good people. We made friends, most of them a long time ago, and we still love them. We cycle and drive cars, we run and travel. There are few things left that you men can do which we can't.

So, my darlings and sweethearts, we are not available for extra work.
If you haven't got a woman around, get one and pay her well to do the things you can't do yourself. And when you have time enough to write a poem, do so and send it to us. We truly like that, receiving poems that is. Poems and love letters. Flowers and chocolate. And answers to all our questions.

Simply because we are not 'The girl from Ipanema' anymore!

We have missed that sweet element of men for half a century. You still are not able to support yourselves and meanwhile we have become the guardians of life. Tell us what moves you, inside. Tell us what happened, how you got here, so close to us, in the first place. Open your hearts to us, and give us 'a piece of your mind', in the constructive way.

If you love us tell us so; why do we have to guess? Why do we have to ask?
"Why do you love me?" gets the most unintelligible answers like:
"You know why!" (No we don't, we have been guessing for years.)
"Why do I love you, hmmm why do you think I love you?". "Just because …."

Gentle men, we want answers, we want to know what tickles you apart from the genital bit. We want to know why you secretly love us.

Personally I don't go for the lies. I don't want to hear that I'm pretty, not now, not anymore. That was once, I believed it, I fell for it and I still have the scars.
I would like to now if I am trustworthy, if I'm attractive and appealing. Tell me your dreams and worries. And tell me whether you'd spend the rest of your life with me! And tell me why!

Would you iron your own shirts, would you shave, just for me? Would you be able to care for me, cry with me, laugh with me and make love with me the way young lovers do?
Could I count on you for not cheating on me?
Would you be able to tell me that you adore my extras, the loose skin and the lifesavers?

Please, don't come to me for silly adventures that will break what is left over of my heart.
If you love me, tell me why and love me for what's left of forever!

Love and kisses,


©Gavi Mensch
Maastricht, 23-3-2011



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Boveld zei

Again you wrote what it is all about. You are a unique woman with a precious mind.
Touching people in the right spot, accepting no surrender.
A kiss for you.

Nanos zei

Heel mooi, Gavi.
Zo is het, en niet anders.

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