zondag 13 februari 2011



Every now and then you come to a point that there doesn’t even appear to be one single road to wherever. Occasionally you lose hope and the sun doesn't even get up. Then you might think all is lost. Not true!
My camellia was pregnant for 9 months and just gave birth to her first flowers.
Patience is a must!

I embrace the idea that there might be two roads, one going and one coming back. And between those two roads one may follow paths that cross the roads and lead to different views.

Sometimes what you hear is not true. People may speak with different tongues; it depends on their state of mind and also on your own perception. From time to time people speak a different language, one you must be able to translate. Sometimes you hear what you whish to hear.
And occasionally you run into people that have been using the same roads but not the same paths in between. But it doesn't seem to matter, the destiny is the same.
The roads back and forth are paved with all sorts of intentions; one must be able to zigzag to avoid obstacles

Sometimes you learn you can twist en make braids and the result is a little confusing at first.
After a short while it forces you to listen in a different way and the elegant fusion of cultures and musical creativity illuminates the road.

The melancholic though cherished sad memories are mixed with hope for survival and spontaneous happiness.

Just listen and enjoy:

©Gavi Mensch
Maastricht, 11-2-2011

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