maandag 16 september 2013

Let's not forget about the real beauty

As we are only miserable collections of cells, no colour, no fantasy, no possibilities and  no escape. Confined to live in ugly houses that are far too expensive. Driving the same kind of cars on the same kind of roads. We worry about getting to late, so we add 10 km dirty air per hour. 

We are unable to produce energy without poisoning our water with fracking chemicals or nuclear waste. Water that doesn't belong to Nestlé but to all living creatures on earth.

Photo:  ©D'May
I will get used to windmills and the solar cells on my rooftop give me warmth, energy and will help to get a cleaner world for my grandchildren. 

Don't let yourself be bullied by money-makers and landscape activists. Their water is the same as ours and we want to keep it clean. 

Maybe one day our lives will turn as colourful as everything in the underwater world.

Use your Brain!~

©Gavi Mensch
Maastricht 16-9-2013

Video's downloaded from You Tube.

Photo: ©D'May; published with permission and all rights reserved 2013

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