zondag 4 mei 2014

Sometimes I wonder

Those days, when she would sing and crie and sing; 
these days she will sing when she's stopped crying.

sometimes I wonder
if the wind just blows
to throw sand in my eyes
and if the sun only lightens
what I don't want to see
and if the rain wets my face
just to wash away my tears
sometimes I wonder
if the darkness is what I fear
'cause it hides you  from me.

and so I dream of the wind
and the sun and the rain  
the brightness of your smile
that is drying my tears,
the love in you eyes
that is lighting my view
and that I'll wake of my dream
and then I'll really see you.

©Gavi Mensch
Maastricht 2013 / 2014

All rights reserved 2014

Eveline van Donkelaar:
song  for eve

dordrecht september 1996.

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