maandag 19 september 2011

Witty dancers


In my childhood, women could dance together, men and women could dance together, but men couldn't do so.
And I always wondered why.

Men could sing together, drink together and talk about sports together. And only Greek and Jewish men seemed to dance with one another, but then they danced folkloric men's dances; women were not supposed to dance them.
And I always wondered why.

And  later everybody started dancing alone.
Dancing alone is moving on the music without any other social interaction than bumping into each other. Men danced alone, women danced alone. They only seemed to dance together for old fashioned fun or as a kind of foreplay. Then even later, men could dance together and so could women. Close and erotic or romantic. It looked more like they just wanted to stay close, but it missed the art of dancing.

I loved to dance, but being a weird mensch, I love to dance with a partner, have fun stepping aside or following, being a twosome in a crowd. And I never found a partner to dance with. A real dance partner.
And I always wondered why.

I enjoy watching people dance for the simple fun of dancing. I love to look at people dancing with grace and a sense of  intelligent humour. Having fun by using music and movements. And I love to dance like that, elegantly and light.

I never thought I would see two men dancing a tango, with a passion for fun, no sign of eroticism, both leading the other, using music for making their feet laugh, together.

Well, I found them! Enjoy Enrique and Guillermo dancing a witty Argentine tango.

(Use fullscreen and put the volume of your speakers up.)

©Gavi Mensch

With thanks to my Portuguese friend Victor.


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wat een mooi stukje dansen en wat geweldig beschreven :D

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