woensdag 24 september 2014

The stalker is back, is he bored?

 Since  a couple of years I am being stalked by a narcissistic old man. I haven't reacted on his tweets ( all his accounts are suspended by now) or his reactions on my blogs. I simply don't publish his idiotic braincramps. 

I know he is reading my tweets and blogs allthough I've banned him everywhere.
He simply lacks the fantasy and the brains to write his own stuff. He is a copy-pasting asshole.
He is still in for a lawsuit and all his remarks, everywhere, about me and my family are being collected as proof. 

His poor mental state is no excuse, he drinks a lot, smokes too much and refuses help from mentalcare. He is a obstinate silly bugger who probably has spend his entire life feeling sorry for himself and has been lying his way through a weird realtionship with wife and children, who gave up on him, logicaly. 

This is the advice I got for him from my readers:

That should do the trick for now. He will not understand.
 It's just so he knows......


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