vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

Lola my feminist companion.

I bought Lola on the market in Denia in 2000 . The woman told me that because otherwise they would drown her. 

She was 3 weeks old and was bottlefed.
 She travelled with me through the mountains everyday for months; she curled up in a basket under my chair and at work I kept her under my desk. She loved the car.

We already had a young dog a little 'macho' called Lalu and they grew up together. They became one of these couples that do everything together. Lola even learned to pee like a male dog lifting her leg. 

Digging holes in the sand, Lalu dug and Lola tried to catch the sand. Lalu stole the food from the tabble and Lola helped him eat it.

They were always hungry, eating dry food and also our leftovers. Lola's favourites were the heads of langoustines and veggies and all kinds of meat and breakfast biscuits.

There was always some one to take care of them.  And when I had to go to Holland to work, my son's fiend took care of the dogs.

Lola had leishmania and I was told she had to take medication all her life. But the medication made her sick and I decided just to give her the normal vaccinations. The only problem she had was a sore on her ear; we kept it clean and Lola healthy with walks and good food. She was never ill for a day.

She had a rich life, better than most animals; she was loved and taken care of.
Lalu and Lola were never separate, not even for a day.  

She was a small feminist, claimed her place and amount of attention.
Naughty and caring, funny and so loyal!

Every year when we walked into the house, she would be so pleased, she never forgot.
She was ill for a week; they gave her medication but it didn't help.
She did not want to eat or walk. Her little old face was sad and showed signs of being at the end of her life.

Today on Animal Day, Lola was put to sleep. She died quietly with her caretaker beside her. She was 13 years old.

So sad!

And we will miss her, all of us. But nobody will miss her like Lalu will, after having spent a long dog's life together.
My gratitude and 'pesame' go to Dani for taking care of her so well.
We could not have left her in better hands.

And I will remember her as my little brave feminist, fun to be with and to be loved by. She has kept me moving for many years.

©Gavi Mensch
Maastricht 4-10-2013
....with my mind in Jerez.


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