zondag 20 oktober 2013

Healthy spices

Experimenting with spices and herbs in the preparation of food is a tasteful hobby, allthough sometimes the tastes are not always exactly what you expected.
I love the old arabic spices (especias Morunos) I learned to cook with in the south of Spain: cinnamon, cloves, all kinds of peper, cummin and coriander, curcumin and ginger and  

Some of them are really good for you, I guess that is why they are being promoted so much. 

Just a couple of them in the text below:

1. Cinnamon

Not only can cinnamon temporarily raise your metabolism but it also has an impact on insulin sensitivity. This can improve the way your body uses glucose and can make fat cells more responsive which helps stabilize blood sugar.

2. Cayenne Pepper

Spicy peppers, such as cayenne pepper, increase metabolism by causing body temperature to rise. This burns calories as the body cools your temperature back down. As an added bonus, the same substance that gives cayenne pepper its heat, capsaicin, may also aid in digestion and help to ease pain.

3. Ginger

Along with boosting metabolism, ginger is also thought to help enhance satiety and reduce hunger. This makes it an ideal spice for those trying to lose weight! Ginger is also known for its ability to help ease an upset stomach.

4. Mustard

Like hot peppers, mustard increases your metabolism by raising your body temperature. Spicy or hot mustard will be more effect than regular yellow mustard. Add some to your next sandwich to give it a tasty kick and burn more calories at the same time!

5. Tumeric

Tumeric increases metabolism and also aids in digestion. A substance in tumeric called curcumin is thought to help break down fats in the body and help prevent weight gain.

Just so you know...... stay happy, stay healthy and sing or dance!  
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©Gavi Mensch 
Maastricht, 19-10-2013 


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