zondag 20 juni 2010

I don't want to be partial in the Israeli/ Palestinian question!

It's oh so double and I'm getting so sick of it!

I don't want to be partial in the Israeli/ Palestinian question; I don't like the so-called peace tactics of neither of them. 
My heart goes out to the poor people, always in the middle of political gunfire! There is no way you can live a decent life when your country is in a continuous state of war and that goes for both of them! 

The threat of your neighbours crawling into your backyard to build a new house there, must be devastating, especially in a territory you thought your homeland.
But keeping your neighbours under the treat of being wiped away, which happened to them too many times before, must give them a feeling of living in a continuous and horrendous nightmare.

Your neighbours were given part of that land, but they seem to want more and more. Now you never did much with the land before, your neighbours came in and it could have been a splendid idea to share and build and have an ancient history in common.
It could have worked if everybody would have used their commonsense. 

But then the fight starts, it's all about economical power with religion as a (bad) excuse. The "mine is the only God" fight. The fight over a city in which both religions were supposed to have shared their lives and believes. The fight over strategic desserts and agricultural land. 
Who works and who doesn't. I've heard that the neighbours have worked hard in a disciplined way, they have taught their young generations to turn their traumas into energy to overcome the killing of their families and the centuries of persecution. And that worked, the neighbours have nice houses, good jobs and schooling. 

And the other people living in that big country, now split in two, are jealous, they don't seem to have spend much on building their nation. Their leaders spend all the money meant for social and intellectual development in arms and warfare tactics. Instead of being taught how to read and write, how to communicate, they were taught how to handle a gun and how to become a martyr. Poor people!

Both neighbours have powerful movements behind them. The Arab countries are just interested in Islam ruling the world economics and they seemed to have gotten that mission directly from their God and so do the opposite parties; none of the neighbours asked if instead of fighting, they could spend the money for bombs and guns on education and healthcare. They just let themselves be driven from one war into another and all the dumb luck is theirs. 

Holy wars and economical power wars, "I'll teach you' wars" and the "I'll blow my self up to be a martyr" wars. Lots of poor people, that have never learned to think for themselves. 
Bad company followers, which were never dining at those leaders' richly set tables with them. Followers that are now, hungry for peace, in the hands of the Islamic or Jewish/ Christian leaders that don't care a shite about them, they just get erections from the idea of being the rulers of the world.

Now the leaders of the people on both sides of the garden fence have their own ideas about religion, their religion, their followers should lead a life of denial, be just as extreme believers as the neighbours because only than their only God will save them. And their aims are all the same. Political friends aren't interested in religion at all, strategic harbours and a high fences against the extremist power is what they aim on. It makes them richer and richer (on both sides); the people behind those fences are just not interesting to them!

So a war is fought with petrodollars (from one side and another) over the heads of people that just want to live in peace and bring up their children. Now everybody is scarred and scared, everybody has a voice to shout with, everybody has a leader that pays for shouting and everybody knows the truth. 

And everybody wants me to speak up and join either one neighbours' club or the other.
And I?
I only see damaged people, death and wounded people, people hiding for eachothers bombs, people living in continuous fear; it will keep the trauma's vivid for all the generations to come.

A God and his (mind you, everybody believes it is a He) lectures are supposed to be something people have in their hearts.
I don't have that in my heart, I just have love and compassion, my only believe is in helping to make this world a better place for everyone, without exception. 
And I want to stay idealistic about that! 

And so I'll tell you again: I will not support flotillas for only one of the neighbours, so don't ask me again. And I will not support interference from the other side either, not at all! 
update 11-8-2013

I don't care about any of your arguments as long as you keep your neighbours in a mental or physical prison. I don't support your fights, I don't believe your believes.
I just hope you will live and stand together and tell the rest of the warriors to bugger off, to get lost and to fight their economical fights somewhere on a desert island somewhere in nobody's seas.

I want to see those stupid and so-called worldleaders to sit at a big round table and fight their fights amongst them, with words and intelligent arguments and settle for what comes out of that. There is not such a thing as world-leadership; the world belongs to all of us. They must be made aware of that!

I'm too intelligent to be taken for granted! Too free and too transparent, your blackmail strategies won't work with me. No petrol? I'll walk! No iPhone? I'll find another way of communicating!
But I will protest though! Not against the actions of one group or another, I'll just protest against people that are not using their common sense.

And I'll protest against the idea that the world is divided in football teams, Israelis against Palestinians 1-0, Arab world against Western world 1-0………..
Let the Islam feed the mouths and intelligence of their followers and let Christianity do the same. show eachother the needs of the poor, the sick and the hungry in the rest of the world and help them too. 
Let them stick to your own houses and backyards; use those brains to think of solutions.

And keep testosterone levels for a sweet night with real lovers!

©Gavi Mensch
Earth: June the 20th 2010


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Paco Piniella zei

Me encanta el final.

Mercedita zei

Chica, llevas razón, que pesadilla, guerras de hombres...... el odío también es cosa de ellos...

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