dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Contra la impunidad del franquismo

Explanation about why this video for all my not Spanish-speaking readers: this video is about  the Historical Memory of the Spanish people that lost so many loved ones before, during and after the Civil War and are still guessing, after all these years, what happened to them, where they are burried, where the children were send to. There was a pact  between parties at the time, just after Franco died, to let all the passed misery be, but this pact has proved to be the knive that separates Spain in two, still and until this day!  In the video, actors come back  as 'spirits' of  people killed for the sake of killing  oponents of the 'Dictadura de Franco y el  franquismo' (1937-1975).
No tuve juício, ni abogado ni sentencia... : I didn't get a trial, nor a lawyer, nor was I sentenced...
By putting this video on my blog I add my blog and bloggername to the list of those who want this Historical Memory to be opened and investigated. The brave and excellent judge Baltasar Garzón was  incriminated  last year by Falange, the still active and ultra right semi-political action group, that was founded in the days of Franco. Baltasar Garzón was investigating some of the crimes commited by people that still find their way in Spanish politics...... still! Baltasar Garzón  is at the moment working in the International Court of Justice in The Hague. In Spain he was relieved of his job, he will probably  have to go to court in September this year.
A wound as deep as this, caused by the unopened files of the crimes of  the Spanish Civil War should  never have been covered, but should have been rinsed out a long time ago..... There is no way Spanish society will overcome the pain,.....no way, unless  everything is brought out in the open and people can finally burry their death.
With my deepest respect to all those who have to live with the lie, still without knowing the truth!

Gavi Mensch
Netherlands, june 15th 2010.

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paul zei

mooi spaans!

Gavi Mensch zei

Ja Paul, mooi Spaans, met Engelse uitleg, geschreven door een Nederlandse.....
Multiculti communiceren is een noodzaak, mijn blog beperkt zich niet tot Nl. Er is nog zoveel meer onder de zon dan alleen onze problemen en ons verdriet.

Paul said: nice Spanish... and I added: Yes nice Spanish, with an English explanation, written by a Dutch person....
Multicultural communication is a necessity, my blog is not limited to Nl. There is so much more than just our problems and our own sadness

victor [by email] zei

Contra la impunidad del franquismo...... Against political impunity,... a barbárie dos incultos,...dos comedores do trabalho, do sangue, das vidas, de avós, pais e filhos dos desafortunados, pés rapados, deserdados nesta sociedade de animalidades........

Anoniem zei

tu y tu doble patria ;-)...pero es asi... y me alegro tambien que Garzón esté con los tulipanes, gracias por la publicación! Un abrazo, Lluis

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