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Nanu, nanu, Robin Williams

This is a man who, as far as I'm concerned, could have gone on living for ever and ever; his brilliant gags and the enormous capacity of putting himself in someone else's place, in roles as well as in daily life, as far as I've understood.
I have a splendid collection shows and of his standup comedian videos.*

Being fed up with life doesn't mean someone is unhappy.
I am fed up with life often enough. I am not unhappy but often I don't see why I should live for a long time to come.
[I used to think that the worst thing in life would be ending up alone.
That's not so, it's worse to end up with someone that makes you feel lonesome
Sometimes I think that 62 years of intensive living is quite long. Robin was 63.
That's why I think that a man like Robin Williams with his even more intensive way of living has every right to say: "This far, no further", for whatever reason.

Suicide fits somehow in the lives of hyperactive, high IQ-ed, people with a fantastic sense of special sense of humor (so does an addiction by the way). 
I just can't imagine such a lively person waiting another 20 years or so for the end to come** 

I just wanted to say that he was an allround mensch:

More than that...he was still amazingly allround 20 years later

Truely allround:  Clip for Amnesty

10 questions..... See if you can do something with the answers.
10 Questions for Robin Williams:

And my favorite: 1.5 hrs of the splendid and late Mr. Robin Williams. Enjoy!!! 

 'You kill or you tie': Robin on addiction and discipline: 

Amazing Robin: 

Robin Williams was a person of whom I think that he's been here before and will be back one day.***

*{Dit is nou zo'n man die wat mij betreft eeuwig had mogen leven, met zijn briljante kwinkslagen en enorme mogelijkheid om zich in anderen te verplaatsen, zowel in de rollen als ook in het dagelijks leven, heb ik begrepen. Ik heb een prachtige collectie stand-up comedian filmpjes.}
** {Genoeg hebben van het leven zegt mij niet dat iemand ongelukkig was. Ik heb zo vaak genoeg van dit alles, ik ben niet ongelukkig maar ik heb vaak niet de noodzaak om nog erg lang te leven. Soms denk ik dat 62 jaar intensief al veel is. Daarom denk ik dat een man als Robin Williams met een nog intenser leven het goed recht heeft om te zeggen: "Tot hier en niet verder" om welke reden dan ook.}
 ***{Robin Williams was zo iemand waarvan ik denk dat hij hier al eerder was en ook wel weer terugkomt.}

Nanu Nanu Robin Williams!

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